If you are experiencing pain in your foot without an obvious cause, you may have suffered a stress fracture. The pain can tend to come and go, and often is increased during specific foot movements. Stress fractures are very small cracks in the bone that are caused by the repeated stress and pressure to the foot that comes with exercise and sporting activities. Bone deterioration from osteoporosis can also increase the likelihood of a stress fracture.

Other factors that can increase the possibility of stress fractures to the feet include:

Calcium and vitamin D deficiency—Your bones need adequate vitamin D and calcium for proper growth. Bone weakening from lack of these nutrients can increase the chances of a stress fracture.
Arch abnormalities—Individuals with rigid arches or flat feet are more susceptible to stress fractures in the feet, so be sure to have any arch problems corrected with the help of your foot doctor.
Starting an exercise program too rapidly—Sometimes the sudden jolt to your bones of starting a new exercise program can be enough to cause a stress fracture. Always start off slowly, and gradually increase your strength and endurance to ward off stress fractures and a host of other foot problems.
Stress fracture pain will often gradually increase during activity and subside when the stress and weight is taken off the foot. There may also be bruising and swelling in the area of the pain. Stress fractures can be difficult to diagnose and treat properly, and proper treatment is essential to ensure that the bone heals correctly and does not adversely affect your foot mechanics.

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