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Having the feeling that your feet are burning can range from just a little discomfort to something so severe that the pain wakes you up at night. There are a wide variety of conditions that can cause the feeling of burning feet, with some of them also causing numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation.


Decreased blood flow to the legs and feet due to PAD (peripheral artery disease) can create the sensation of burning feet. Other causes of burning feet could be a skin infection or just ordinary fatigue that causes your feet to become inflamed. Diagnosing the actual cause of burning feet can be quite complicated since the phenomenon is often an indication of nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy), the cause of which can be difficult to diagnose.

Some causes and contributing factors to burning feet include the following:
A constricted nerve
Athlete’s foot infection
Kidney problems
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies
Complications from diabetes
Alcoholic neuropathy
HIV infection
Exposure to toxic chemicals
Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses
Chemotherapy side effects
If you have a persistent burning sensation in your feet that is becoming more and more painful, make an appointment with your foot care professional for the correct diagnosis and treatment. Without the right treatment, it is possible that you could lose all feeling in your feet and toes.

Once the cause of your burning feet is determined, your podiatrist will develop a comprehensive treatment program. If you are suffering from burning feet, consult with our board-certified podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee, LLC. The center offers convenient locations in Fort Lee NJ, Ringwood NJ, Flushing Queens NY, Woodhaven NY, Brooklyn NY, and Forest Hills NY. Contact us at (201) 363-9844 and schedule an appointment today!

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