The tarsal tunnel is a channel that exists in between part of your ankle bone and a bevy of ligaments that span across your foot. This tunnel carries the nerves, tendons, and arteries that allow you to use your foot. One of the main nerves inside the tarsal tunnel is the tibial nerve, which is necessary for providing feeling to the bottom of your foot. This nerve can become inflamed and irritated due to excessive pressure causing the condition known as tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS).


Diseases or injuries that may produce the pressure that initiates this disease include:

●      A varicose vein or bone spur

●      Swelling due to an ankle injury

●      Arthritis and diabetes

●      Flat feet or fallen arches

Some of the symptoms of TTS include the following:

●      Foot numbness

●      Tingling or burning sensation

●      Shooting pain

A diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndrome is often a difficult matter due to the fact that other conditions can cause similar symptoms, so it is very important to consult with your podiatrist to devise the most efficacious treatment plan. Your foot doctor will perform a complete clinical exam followed by imaging studies (X-ray, CT or MRI), and electrical testing such as EMG or nerve conduction studies may be required to confirm this diagnosis.

Non-surgical treatment options include:

●      Steroid injections

●      NSAIDS for pain and inflammation

●      Braces, splints and orthotic inserts to reduce the pressure on the nerve

In difficult cases where conservative treatments do not relieve pain and discomfort, you may require the intervention of a skilled foot doctor to surgically release the pressure on the nerve.

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