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By Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee, LLC/Ringwood/Flushing
June 11, 2019
Category: proper footwear

High-heeled shoes are becoming increasingly vilified for all the pain and discomfort they cause. In fact, they are even now being shunned by fashion houses in favor of strutting in luxury sneakers on the catwalk! Women have suffered from the ill effects of high heels for a long time, but the trends are finally leading to more sensible options that don’t cause heel pain and other painful conditions like corns, bunions, and ingrown toenails, just to name a few.

Some of the major foot issues caused by wearing high-heeled shoes include the following:

  • Toe deformities—High heeled shoes compress your toes together, contributing to the formation of bunions, hammertoes, and mallet toes.
  • NeuromaMorton’s neuroma is one type of nerve condition that occurs near the ball of the foot. Having your toes scrunched together contributes to pressure on the nerve.
  • Achilles tendon injury—Wearing high-heeled shoes also increases pressure on the back of the foot where the Achilles tendon inserts at the heel bone. This tendon can actually decrease in length from repeatedly wearing high-heeled shoes, contributing to Achilles tendonitis and the formation of heel spurs.

For those who insist on continuing to wear high heels, do so in moderation for special occasions and if required for work. Always carry a pair of comfortable shoes that you can quickly put on to give your feet a rest such as during your commute to work.

If you have foot problems caused by wearing high-heeled shoes, consult with the foot doctors at Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee, LLC. Our team of board-certified podiatrists includes Greg Khaimov, DPM, FACFAS, Daniel Pollack, DPM, FACFAS, Walter Majdanski, DPM, AACFAS, Yakov Haimof, DPM, Mathew Yagudayev, DPM, AACFAS, and Kevin Jeong, DPM. The center offers convenient locations in Fort Lee NJ, Ringwood NJ, Flushing Queens NY, Woodhaven NY, Brooklyn NY, and Forest Hills NY. Contact us at (201) 363-9844 and schedule an appointment today!

There can be a lot of doubt and uncertainty when it comes to bouncing back from a foot injury or trying to run or exercise with foot pain. The good news is that regardless of the pain you’ve suffered before, there is always hope to regain your strength and get back to a good exercise regimen. According to Stuff.co, some of the biggest problems like heel pain and heel spurs can be easily fixed and trying to run through the pain is definitely not the answer.

Heel spurs are irritating bone growths that sometimes have to be removed with an operation. To get a professional opinion with regards to your bone spurs, visit Dr. Greg Khaimov, DPM of Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee, LLC. Dr. Khaimov will analyze your condition and go over all the available treatment options with you.

Heels Spurs

Heel spurs are formed by calcium deposits on the back of the foot where the heel is. This can also be a cause from small fragments of bone breaking off one section of the foot, attaching it to the back of the foot. Heel spurs can also be bone growth on the back of the foot. Bone may grow in the direction of the arch of the foot.

Older individuals usually suffer from heel spurs. Pain sometimes intensifies with age. Heel spurs are known to cause a substantial amount of pain. One of the main associations spurs are related to is plantar fasciitis.


The pain associated with spurs is often times because of weight placed on the feet. When someone is walking their entire weight is concentrated on the feet. Bone spurs then have the tendency to poke and affect other boners and tissues around the foot. As the pain continues the feet will become tender and sensitive over time.


There are many ways to treat heel spurs. If one is suffering from heel spurs in conjunction with pain there are several methods for healing. Medicines, surgery, and herbal care are some options.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices located in Fort Lee, NJ, Flushing, NY and Brooklyn, NY. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot ankle injuries.

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