Ingrown toenails can not only be unsightly and a possible avenue for a fungal nail infection, but also can be extremely painful. So preventing them from happening in the first place is the best strategy.


Some methods to help prevent ingrown toenails from occurring include:

●     Proper nail cutting technique—Use the appropriate toenail clippers for trimming. Larger clippers are meant to be used on bigger nails and will be more effective and easier to use. Always cut your nails as straight across as possible, and make them the same length as the tips of your toes. Cutting nails too short is a major way that ingrown toenails get started. Be certain to clean your clippers with rubbing alcohol or another disinfectant before and after each use to help ward off infection.

●     Properly fitted shoes—Pick shoes that are wide enough in the toe area so that they don’t squeeze your toes together or cause rubbing against your footwear. Pressure on your toes from tight-fitting shoes can cause the toenail to grow into the surrounding tissue despite your best efforts, so avoid high heels!

●     Don’t damage the cuticles—The nail cuticles are where your nail growth actually occurs, so try not to cut into them. This will help protect against harmful fungal and bacterial infections. Always gently push the cuticles back into position.

●     Protect your feet—An injury to your toe caused by dropping a heavy object on your foot can also cause a nail to grow into your surrounding skin. It’s often a good idea to protect your feet with shoes even while walking around the house to prevent stubbing or other injuries. Those individuals suffering from diabetesshould check their feet daily for ingrown toenails and check for any signs of infection that could lead to a possible amputation of a toe or foot.

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