All the wonderful years of walking, running, working and dancing throughout your life really take a toll on your poor old feet. From toe deformities like bunionsand hammertoes to arthritis and gout, your feet and ankles are more likely to experience problems as you get older. However, you can minimize or even prevent many of these effects with proper foot care and regular visits to your podiatrist.


Some common foot and ankle problems that are likely to occur with age include:
Joint diseases—Arthritis tends to worsen as you get older and often affects the toe and ankle joints, causing stiffness, pain and discomfort.
Your feet expand—Because of the effects of gravity and pressure throughout your life, the tendons and ligaments in your feet and ankles will gradually expand and weaken. The length and width of your feet will increase as much as a full size, so always have your feet properly measured each time you buy shoes. Talk with your foot doctor about custom orthotic inserts to treat a variety of foot and ankle problems.
Brittle and thicker toenails—Toenail growth decreases with aging and blood circulation difficulties can cause the toenails to become thicker and more brittle. These changes can make them harder to trim properly. The chances of ingrown toenails developing are also higher.
Fungal and bacterial infections—Since the immune system tends to get weaker with age, fungal toenail and bacterial infections become more common and harder to ward off.
Excessive skin dryness—Your skin tends to be dryer as you age, so always stay properly hydrated by drinking healthy fluids throughout the day. Corns, callusesand heel fissures are more common as well.
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