Your feet are actually susceptible to cancer just like other parts of your body. However, since your feet don’t usually get a lot of ultraviolet light exposure, it can be surprising to find out that skin cancer on the feet and ankle occurs quite often. Cancerous growths can resemble other conditions, so always have them evaluated by your foot doctor.


Some of the most common types of skin cancer to affect the feet include the following:
Melanoma—This is a less common form of cancer, but since it grows inward and largely out of sight, it reaches the lymph nodes and circulatory system and spreads more rapidly throughout the body.
Basal cell carcinoma—This cancer grows very slowly and it may initially appear as a pink or white bump with a waxy coating. As the tumor gets larger, it may become covered with a bleeding crust. There is usually no pain associated with this type of cancer, but it can still be quite deadly.
Squamous cell carcinoma—While this is a less aggressive type of tumor, it can still be deadly if not caught early enough. The squamous cells are in the upper layer of the skin, and when they are stricken by skin cancer, the appearance of a spike or horn sticking out from the skin is often evident.
Always be on the lookout for unusual swelling and abnormal (or even normal looking) growths on your feet and ankles. By bringing them to the attention of your foot specialist, you can hopefully catch any bone or skin cancer early to prevent the tumor from spreading to other parts of the body.

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