Joint diseases that cause stiffness, pain, and swelling are often very debilitating, especially when any of the thirty or more joints in each of your neglected feet are affected. Several of the common bodily arthritic conditions can concurrently have painful consequences for your feet.


Common Arthritic Foot Conditions

Osteoarthritis—Wear and tear from the rigors of living and aging on the feet is what this arthritis is all about. The constant weight bearing and the pounding of the joints in the feet and ankles eventually take your feet to the cleaners, causing some degree of osteoarthritis.
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)—This autoimmune disease is characterized by the body’s own defense mechanisms mistaking the lining of the joints for an intruder and proceeding to eliminate the threat. The seemingly unintended damage to the joints is extremely painful and can contribute to debilitating deformities in the fingers and toes.
Arthritis from injury—This type of arthritis is most likely to follow after you injure yourself in a fall or otherwise. It can even happen years after the initial trauma. It is actually much more likely that a previously injured or dislocated joint will suffer from this disease, which is why you should seek prompt treatment with your foot care professional.
Treatment for arthritic feet

Treatments for arthritis often include a variety of therapies that can range from wearing more comfortable shoes with proper orthoses, all the way to surgery.Properly placed inserts and specially made shoes will decrease pressure on joints and isolate foot deformities like hammertoes and bunions. Physical therapy exercises are often used to strengthen the feet and ankles and increase joint flexibility and range of motion.

If you are concerned that your arthritis is causing problems, a foot care specialist is uniquely qualified to perform all the necessary tests and exams, so contact our board-certified podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee, LLC. The center offers convenient locations in Fort Lee NJ, Ringwood NJ, Flushing Queens NY, Woodhaven NY, Brooklyn NY, and Forest Hills NY. Contact us at (201) 363-9844and schedule an appointment today!

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