A fungal toenail infection is caused by microscopic fungi that love the warm and moist environment that is found inside your sneakers and shoes. When the fungi get under your toenails, it can cause them to become discolored, thick, and brittle, and a bad odor may be noticeable. Fungal toenails are caused by the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot.


 6 tips that can help you avoid getting toenail fungus:

Cut your toenails properly—Try not to cut your nails too short and always trim them straight across. If you have trouble cutting your toenails, you can have it done at your podiatrist’s office and avoid hurting yourself.
Keep your feet clean—Be sure to wash your feet daily and make certain that they are completely dry before wearing your socks and shoes.
Wear breathable footwear and socks—Wear socks and shoes that are made of breathable materials like canvas or Gore-Tex. This will help wick away moisture that can provide an ideal environment for fungi to proliferate.
Protect your feet—Whenever using public showers, around swimming pools, or in locker room areas, always wear sandals or shower shoes to minimize your contact with microorganisms.
Antifungal creams and powders—Antifungal topicals can be used to kill the fungi and can be applied directly to your feet and the inside of your shoes.
Avoid spreading—Don’t share nail clippers and other personal care devices or products with others to avoid cross-contamination and spreading of the fungal organisms.
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