Foot and ankle problems can become more difficult to treat as they progress. Since a foot or ankle problem may often be a sign of a systemic health problem, it is all the more important to get a proper diagnosis from your podiatrist and to pursue the recommended treatment, thus avoiding any chronic or more debilitating problems down the road.


Your feet and ankles form the foundation that the rest of your body depends upon for walking, running, and standing. With the myriad of bones, ligaments, tendons, and tissues in your feet and ankles that can sustain an injury, it is always best to have regular exams performed by your foot care professional to treat and prevent problems early and to help you experience your best foot and ankle health.

6 of the many reasons you should consult with your podiatrist include:

Severe pain—If you have pain in your foot or ankle that doesn’t improve after several days of rest, icing, compression and elevation, you need to see your foot doctor immediately to check for the cause.
Color changes to the skin or toenails—Skin and toenail color changes may be an indication of a fungal nail infection or possibly skin cancer.
Toe deformities—Toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes need to be treated by your podiatrist before they worsen and require surgery.
Skin abnormalities—Your podiatrist can expertly treat skin conditions such as corns and calluses without causing further complications from accidental cuts.
Numbness, tingling, and swelling—These symptoms can be caused by a variety of conditions including diabetes, gout, and peripheral artery disease.
Cuts or wounds that don’t heal quickly—Individuals battling diabetes have to be especially careful with cuts and scrapes since ulcerating infections can quickly occur and amputation of a toe or foot can rapidly become necessary.
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