A severe break to your foot or ankle can happen in a wide variety of situations. It’s no wonder that fractures of the foot and ankle are among the most frequent problems seen in podiatrist’s offices.


While professional athletes are certainly more susceptible to a bone fracture due to the grueling stress and physical demands of their sport, people who perform lower stress routines are susceptible to breaking a bone in the foot or ankle as well. Accidents and falls are one of the major causes of foot and ankle fractures. Fractures can also occur from the stress of being on your feet all day for work or from dropping something heavy on your foot.

The type of fracture that you have experienced depends on the varying degrees of force that affect the bones and by the location and movement of the various pieces of bone that have been displaced.

The five major types of fractures that can affect the feet and ankles include the following:
Compound—When you see a bone breaking through the skin it is called a compound fracture which is the worst type and requires surgery to repair.
Comminuted—This is the name of a fracture that is broken into many pieces and extensive reconstruction is needed using screws and braces.
Oblique—This type of fracture occurs on a diagonal across the foot.
Transverse—This type of foot fracture includes a horizontal injury.
Stable—A fracture is stable when the bones are not severely displaced. This is the easiest type to treat.
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