With an ingrown toenail, you will notice swelling and redness where the edge of the nail is cutting into your skin. A bacterial or fungal toenail infection may also be evident causing yellowing and a discharge of fluid that may have a bad smell. For advanced cases, it’s always best to seek treatment with your foot doctor to ensure the proper diagnosis and care.


3 main causes of ingrown toenails
Poor toenail cutting—One of the main causes of an ingrown toenail is from cutting the nails too short and too close to the skin. This positions the edge of the nail next to the tender skin around your toes and the nail then grows into the skin, causing severe pain.
Foot trauma—Injuring your toe by dropping something heavy on it can damage the nail and cause it to grow into the skin.
Tight shoes—Shoes that constrict your toes force them together and press on the toenails, increasing the chances of developing this condition.
Treatment for ingrown toenails
For less severe cases, you may be able to lift up the edge of the nail where it is hitting your skin and insert a piece of cotton to pull the nail away. Eventually, it will grow out over the skin. Be sure not to cut the nail too short again to avoid a recurrence. For severe ingrown toenails, your foot doctor may need to cut away the nail to stop the pain and to treat the underlying damage.

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