Keeping your feet healthy and in optimal shape can be difficult, but wearing the right shoes that are properly sized and fitted is the most important factor in avoiding injury, pain, and discomfort. Always choose a shoe that is made for the activity in which you will be engaged, and be sure to replace your footwear whenever it becomes worn out and unsupportive.

Two essential shoe tips for happy feet include:

Footwear that is the right size—Many folks underestimate the amount of change their feet experience in a year. Your feet flatten out and become wider as you age, and the size can change as much as a half an inch year to year. Try to go shopping for shoes at the end of your day when your feet have reached their maximum size. Be sure to get both feet measured since one foot may have changed more than the other. It’s not uncommon for your two feet to be a half size or more apart in length.
Proper arch and ball support—Correct arch and ball support are essential for proper foot mechanics. Always have your arch type properly determined with a computerized gait analysis (your podiatrist can do this) and make sure you use orthotic inserts to correct any of these gait abnormalities. The ball of the foot needs to be well supported and orthotics can also help in that regard. Having your arch and ball properly supported will help avoid many foot and ankle injuries and also helps alignment of your knees, hips, and back.
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